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In this article, which inaugurates a series of writings on energy centers, we will explore the first chakra, the chakra from which our physical body manifests itself, giving keys to understanding its activation in daily life, recognizing its evolutions over the centuries.


The first chakra is located at the coccyx and pubic bone and is the control unit of the physical body; contains the capacity to move and live in harmony with the planet, how to survive, how to respond to seasonal changes. 

The main qualities it presides over are instinct, survival and roots, survival issues are linked to it, which translated into modern language are issues related to money and sex understood as a physiological need. 




If this energy center is in a healthy state, the person has no difficulty facing the practical aspect of daily life. In particular, he will have no problem earning money or finding ways to satisfy man's primary material needs and therefore the need for a home, clothes and food.


If we have a distorted or contracted or weak first chakra, then we can experience the fear of survival.


In fact, the emotion that more than any other we can associate with this chakra is fear.

Being survival the basic instinct of this chakra when threat happens what we feel is fear, and paradoxically this will be the only feeling of security, as it puts the body in a constant state of alert which allows us to be alert and ready to respond to any emergency.

Who, faced with a danger (for example in a car, when suddenly the driver in front of you makes an unexpected maneuver) has not found himself responding to a "danger" promptly and then finds himself an adrenaline current that shakes the whole 



If in situations of "real" danger the answer is welcome, the same emotion can arrive subtle or manifest without any connection with the real situation.

By this I mean that even if the bank account is positive or the job is not in danger, people enter a state of anachronistic fear that brings a continuous wave of tension and "alertness" in everyday life, thus losing the feeling of comfort where they could be.

We can also witness waves of anachronistic fear that gets in the collective (fear of the different, of "external attacks", fear of catastrophes) which if ridden by the media give results of strong tension that can lead to both verbal and physical violence.


Our ancestors were used to use a lot the physical body: they worked in the fields, transported water, took long walks to move around, or used horses, bicycles; we use cars, trains, planes.

Many of us use computers to work and we are in a "sedentary" life.

To compensate for the need to release the bodily tensions that arise from this state of affairs, we vent our instincts in gymnastic exercises, we do physical activity.

In recent years we have seen a collective increase in this activity: it responds to a profound need of our system.

In these activities we vent not only the natural human need to move and "use" the muscles of the body but also the subtle tension that accumulates in inactivity and that can also accumulate as emotional tension.



 The biological sexual need has an arc in a person's life: it begins to rise in adolescence, it has its peak in adulthood and a descent in the maturity of life.

Recognizing this rhythm and following it in its naturalness is one of the abilities of a healthy first chakra.

The continuous search for sexual stimulation even in mature age reveals a disharmony in the first chakra connected to the sexual sphere.


When we are rooted, our fear of survival begins to dissolve and we feel connected to the earth, we know that we can take care of ourselves, beyond what are the external situations.

We are in contact with our vital energy and we are in contact with natural human intelligence, with the physical plane, with the activities of the body, with the rhythm of action and rest.



Stress is an issue in our modern society, and start its activation in the first chakra: 

in order to survive, to have enough for our families, to keep the job we have, we put ourselves under a lot of pressure, we hand up dedicating the majority of our time to work and slowly slowly stress start to be part of our lives.

When we live under stress the pituitary gland and adrenal gland start to be under overwork and that originate an unbalance in our hormons and close the immune system.

Being under stress is also the cause of a minor intelligence, the cells stop renewing themselves

When instead we are able to live a life without stress, than we live a life of well being where love and joy expand.

Meditation, self inquiry, being in the flow of life energy allow this to happen.