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What are Auric Field and Subtle Bodies?

The human energy field can be described as a luminous body that surrounds and penetrates the physical body, a body that emits completely characteristic radiation.

It is also called an "aura". The aura is that part of the universal energy field associated with individual living beings or objects; that of individuals is the part that belongs to the human body.

Based on the observations made, the researchers developed theoretical models in which the aura is divided into several layers that surround and penetrate each other: these layers are also called subtle bodies.


The bodies are made up of an ever thinner substance as it proceeds outward from the physical body, and their "vibrations" reveal progressively higher frequencies.

They are divided into various layers which differ in their location, color, degree of brightness, shape, density, fluidity and function.


The auric field is divided into 7 layers:

physical body

etheric or bioplasmic body

astral or emotional body

mental body

spiritual body

cosmic body

nirvanic body


Each body is the flowering of the chakra corresponding to it.

The amplitude of the body varies from person to person. The difference in size is conditioned by the acceptance of the issues related to each auric layer, the inner relaxation, the meditation space. The energy density of the layers becomes more and more evanescent as we move away from the physical body.

The auric field is naturally also influenced by the situation that the individual is experiencing in the moment: in fact, depending on the energy and emotional context, the various bodies can shrink or expand.

Often in the auric field, unexpressed pains are accumulated, shocks suffered, separations from others. These accumulations appear as real material condensations that are not visible to the human eye and that in the long run in certain cases become physical diseases.

These memories and accumulations make us interpret life with a gaze continually turned to the past, interpreting what we live with that lens.


The O.P.H. it is a method aimed at dissolving these "accumulations" and thus releasing the energy that is used to combat these memories.

Becoming aware of one's auric field and of its interaction with other fields widens self-awareness, clarifies some aspects of the interactions we have with others and with the collective field.

The greater auric awareness and its cleanliness leads people to recognize themselves more expanded than the mind leads them to think, it makes us recognize the reality of the continuous exchange of energy from us to others and from others to us. Realizing this can lead to the recognition of individual value, the right to be here, in this space and the beauty of energy exchange.