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What are Chakras or Energy Centers?

The Chakras are centers that rotate and through the rotation produce the vital energy necessary to fulfill various functions.

From instinctive behavior to consciously planned strategies, from emotional artistic creations, the Chakras are the cardiniacorns to which our life is regulated, learning and our way of relating. They are vibrational modalities that constitute a conditional channel, a bridge between mind and body, ematerial spirit, present and past, earth and sky.

They are essentially seven energy sections and are placed one on top of the other in a column of energy that goes from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

They are centers of activity for the reception, the assimilation and the transmission of the vital energy. Each Chakra can be considered a program on dischettoche that manages information and elements for our life, from survival to sexual behavior up to our way of thinking and feeling.

Thus the energies with which we come in contact during the day cause the corresponding Chakras to be switched on or off, just as the energy we live was the computer cursor which turns on a program or turns it off.


The functions of each Chakra

As mentioned, the chakras are "metaphysical" wheels that activate the rotation when certain spheres of energetic manifestation are activated in everyone's life.
In particular:



The first chakra is located at the coccyx and pubic bone and is the control unit of the physical body. The main qualities he presides over are instinct, survival and rooting, to which are linked the survival themes, which translated into modern language are the issues related to money and sex understood as a physiological necessity.


The 2nd chakra is located just below the navel and its development occurs between 6 and 24 months. This is the period in which the separation from the maternal symbiotic relationship begins, the child begins to perceive a separate sense of himself, thus facing the duality between himself and the others. Not being developed neither the language nor the reasoning he now lives of sensations and emotions creating with these a connection between the inner world and the external world.
The 2nd chakra, so it is the control unit of our feeling, of the world of relationships, what determines the "pleasure" and the "displeasure".


The third chakra is located in the solar plexus area, just below the point where the last two ribs meet. It is also called the chakra of power, because its main function is the affirmation of the self and therefore finding one's place in the world.
It is the seat of the magnetic attractions that are turned towards objects: what we call desires.
It moves through opposite polarities: the main one is the superior / inferior duality.
If this energy center is in a healthy state, the individual has the ability to assert his individual power with integrity, to make decisions or express opinions even different from others without fear, to say no without isolating himself or separating himself from the others.


The heart chakra perceives the world in its unity, not in its separation (not two).
The only law that applies in this chakra is that of love that transcends all other laws or social codes.
It is the integrator and the unifier, it follows that it is also the center of healing. Indeed, love understood as acceptance of what is is the supreme healing power.
Giving is simply its nature, receiving is being aware of the breath of life that continuously fills us with energy of love. It is in this chakra that we begin to love ourselves as we are and achieve the most complete unity with creation.


The 5th chakra is located in the throat, the element is sound. The element associated with the 5th is the ether. The functions are communication, understanding and creativity.
Communication is the means to express our creativity, the expression that allows the outside world to know what is inside us.
Creativity is a conscious process wanted by the will, we create our life in every moment through our actions and the way we express ourselves and communicate. It is through the expression of our creativity that we affirm our individuation by freeing ourselves from conformism.
Any action moved by our soul can be considered creative.
At any time we have the opportunity to choose and change our attitude towards our conditioning and our habits.
The development of creative potential in adulthood makes possible the responsibility understood as the ability to respond appropriately and integrally to the situation of the moment.


The sixth chakra is the territory of the third eye, although its area of ​​domination includes both physical eyes, the root of the nose, the temples, the part of the skull, which corresponds to the forehead, and the area of ​​the third eye, situated an slightly higher than the middle part of the eyebrows. The core of this chakra is located in the center of the head.
The third eye is a very powerful energy center through which, once activated, you can see what you cannot see with your physical eyes, within our reality and the reality that surrounds us.
It is through the vision of the third eye that we can see the movements of energy, the aura and the colors that surround everything that lives on the planet. When we mention seeing with the third eye it does not necessarily mean "seeing" but also perceiving, feeling, intuiting. Furthermore, by means of the third eye, we are able to observe our thoughts, our actions, as mere spectators, freeing ourselves from the trap of identifications and bringing the light of awareness into our lives.
The element of this chakra is light.



The 7th chakra, also called Sahasrara, is located above the head, in correspondence with the fontanel but located above it.
It is in the opening of this chakra that spiritual awakening, enlightenment takes place. In the Indian tradition, the image of the lotus flower that opens is handed down.
It is openness to the reception of all existential energies, the inner realization of union with everything.
The individual will be silent, rooted in his being, centered, will live in the present moment, with loving kindness. It will become spontaneous, it will begin to do its thing, not for a mere gain or for respectability, or to be recognized.
Doing it will make him happy and that's enough, it will make him full of joy. A man who has achieved samadhi (7th chakra) is a totally flowery existence. Her every moment is creative, her life is full of grace.