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Why are hands used for energy transmissions?

The energy transmission in the O.P.H. it happens both from the hands and from the eyes.
We must first imagine that, in the phases preceding the transmission, the energy is accumulated and recalled within the body and directed into the heart.
The reason why we start from this step is because energy can in this way receive the typical qualities of the dimension of the heart: acceptance, understanding, absence of judgment, compassion.
The dimension of the heart is also the one where sharing becomes natural. Sharing is recognized as a fundamental necessity, such as breathing, because the overabundance one feels needs to be shared.
In the hands we find our best way: energy sharing is better directed through them, since with the fingertips the energy beam is directed more effectively.
In other cases, the palms are used, because with the palm the energy is spread over specific parts.
The eyes help the hands in this focusing, since 80% of the vital energies are released through the eyes.