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Why is Body Movement important in Groups?

In the past few decades, people have spent most of their time sitting in front of a computer and moving around either by car or by means of transport.

In the last century people worked in the fields, moved by bicycle, carried wood, walked for a long time and then discharged through all these movements the emotional tensions that had eventually accumulated in the muscles and / or in their energy field. Now it doesn't happen, that's why gyms are so popular: the need to move the body is sublimated through exercises designed to shape it in accordance with the aesthetic needs imposed by the media.


People relate very often through messaging, so the movement of the body and the emotional discharge that derives from movement and contact with others today are almost nil. It is no coincidence that in modern society there has been an increase in stress, depressive illnesses and unconscious discharges of violence and anger.


From this reality the need to use "dynamic" techniques aimed at releasing the accumulated tensions, both physical and emotional, was highlighted.

When through dynamic techniques we allow ourselves to "move" the compressed energies, the body tensions are released and we can access a space of peace and harmony with the self.

In this way, once the tensions have released, you can access the direct experience of "meditation on the move", therefore the possibility of bringing peace and harmony in any daily act.


Collective consciousness has made meditation, spirituality and harmony with immobility coincide in past history, meditations are depicted as contemplative, people who achieve union with everything as people who "detach" themselves from everyday life and from corporality (celibacy).

This millennium is opening up in human consciousness the realization of having "an enlightened life" where renunciation is not necessary, but any act can become meditation and movement and celebration become part of it.