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Distance Healing

The "Distance Healing" 
During the OPH course, a powerful, yet ancient, healing technique is taught. It consists of and draws its 
origins from the traditions of the most ancestral populations that have always used it to expand and bring
love and healing, even where it was not possible to physically reach, even if only to spread to every human
being and to all nature, the light and the energy of the universe.
It will be possible to learn the technique and use it together with an "Energy Circle" made up of several
people to help and support themselves, or anyone who requests it, in case of need and/or physical and
emotional support to overcome difficult moments or as further help in case of discomfort, all without
replacing any choice or treatment undertaken by the person, but rather as a supplement to encourage
and improve the holistic healing process on all levels: body/mind/spirit.
Anyone can request to be "followed" for a certain period of time by the Circle of Healers,
simply by contacting the contact persons.
Italy Aniketa +39 3283136849/ Brazil Sadgati