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Events - OPH Energy Path

OPH participates every year, with pleasure, in two wonderful Festivals, occasions of great emotions and fun, where it is possible 
to meet many beautiful people and immerse yourself, together with them, in experiences rich in movement, meditation, joy, energy
and spiritual growth. SUMMER OSHO FESTIVAL MIASTO O.P.H. from 21 to 27 August 2023 he will be present at the Osho Miasto Summer Festival, with a week of events, explorations and
meditations. An experiential and profound journey to get in touch with your energy and develop your potential OSHO FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL OPH is present at the International Meditation Festival with its own info point and with its own operators who offer OPH and
Memory Access sessions. Furthermore, every other year, also presenting energy work and meditation events. This year it will be
held in Gabicce (PU) from 18 to 22 April 2024