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Wake Up your energy
03 March - 06 March 2022 Logo OPH Energy Path

Rita Upadhi Maggi


She has 40 years of experience with energy work. With Sw. Chidvilas she developed O.P.H., a method of activating vital energies and a call for self-he...


These are days dedicated to experiencing the possibility of living in contact with a greater amount of vital energy, in which meditation techniques and O.P.H. exercises are used. to reconnect to the source of energies and their flow.
This process helps you to gain more confidence in yourself, in your feeling and to have tools with which to relax and center yourself in your uniqueness.
Attending this workshop gives you the opportunity to deepen your research on vital energy by continuing in the subsequent modules of 3 + 6 + 6 days in person over the year 2022, for a more in-depth journey.

OPH® Meditation Sphere of light
Room energy and room cleaning
Inner Body Induction
Hara Exploration - Centering
Hara-Heart connection
Auric perception and elements of energy healing


The course is open to all. GROUP START FROM 3 MARCH AT 21,30

info and reservations: Gaya +39 3386000163

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Hotel Holistic LA SELVA
Hotel Holistic LA SELVA
Hotel Holistic LA SELVA
Hotel Holistic LA SELVA

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