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Master in Healing with Sounds and Colors
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Rita Upadhi Maggi


She has 40 years of experience with energy work. With Sw. Chidvilas she developed O.P.H., a method of activating vital energies and a call for self-he...

What are beliefs?
Beliefs are forms of thought that create our existence and through which we evaluate it; they are directly linked to the values ​​given to us and to our concrete experience and have a strong influence on our life. They are like filters for perceptive capacity: they give meaning to what happens in our experience and stimulate certain behaviors instead of others.

These are karmic patterns that can derive from this life, past lives, collective experiences (regional, family, national, religious, of humanity).

This training is an exploration of belief systems and how they influence behavior and actions.
Being connected to the most archaic areas of the brain, beliefs function as unconscious programs, as "laws" that connect our values ​​to reality, to the environment in which we live, bring about the occurrence of situations and experiences that in a vicious circle confirm those same forms of thought.

We interpret our reality as fixed and immutable and build our belief system in an attempt to orient ourselves within it. What escapes us is that, in truth, life is a continuous creative process, and that is why having "established laws" to guide us can only limit the innumerable answers we might have.
Dissolving the beliefs that come from the past allows us to understand who we are at a deeper level and become more free in the choices that life offers us.

How will we act?
The vibrational frequencies of sound and color allow us to broaden our understanding of belief systems and how they influence our actions, break their energy structure and dissolve their robotic behavior, which makes us respond mechanically to situations, often even in ways reactive and / or passive.

The electro-chemical cellular activity that comes from the body creates an energy field called aura that extends out of the body itself. When there is emotional trauma, physical ailments or belief systems, the aura shows weakened colors.

Both the color and the sound are like a "laser energy surgery": through the voice, sound and color, balance can be restored simply by radiating the correct wavelength to the aura, which in turn transfers it back to the level cellular, modifying its electrochemical activity, restoring the balance to the whole system.

To break convictions and belief systems we can vocally convey and with the irradiation of light some particular sounds and colors that interrupt the repetitive pattern within the mental structure. Since these vocal and light frequencies are linked to physical, emotional, genetic and brain wave conditions, we have the possibility to go deep into the origin of the schema and dissolve it.

This healing opens up the possibility of living in a state of surprise and allows you to see the difference in perception towards what happens to you.

To whom: open to all after an interview.
When: nine residential days
Topics: Expectations and Reaction

  • Exploration of group dynamics  
  • Sensory-emotional awareness forms thoughts
  • Belief system: personal beliefs (family experience, school, social status, region, nation, religion, race, sex, other genres, past lives)
  • Realization that what we believe creates our reality
  • Identification symptoms
  • Disidentification symptoms
  • Beliefs: what they are and how they affect our lives
  • How to have access to beliefs
  • Form thought and sound
  • Anatomy of the 5th chakra and the rings of conviction
  • Emanation of the colors of the 7 chakras and access to the identifications of the different manifestations of vital energies
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