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Master Memory Access 2° brain
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THE HEART, the second brain


The heart is the center from which we received nourishment through the mother's womb; It is on the heart of our mother and father that we were carried "in our arms".

Love is what everyone, in one form or another, continues to seek, so we often act and move in life.

Accessing his memories opens a door to a balance of the masculine and feminine energies inherent in us.

It opens up contact with the source of love and to possible releases of the tensions we have accumulated around loving, and of all those issues that influence our lives.

It can lead to opening more and more to the joy of love as a dimension and the relaxed expansion of your energy.

These days are dedicated to the memories that born in the intrauterine world, in the 2nd brain (connected to the heart, lungs, 4th chakra). Here you can contact the memories of fear and inner survival strength that made you live and transform. This realized awareness transforms your approach to life and with the recognition of your inner strength, as well as brings transformation in the way you relate.


Prerequisite: Memory Access 1

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