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Rita Upadhi Maggi


She has 40 years of experience with energy work. With Sw. Chidvilas she developed O.P.H., a method of activating vital energies and a call for self-he...

It is a master's program on cellular memories and related beliefs. It recovers and enhances the essential qualities of each person and improves their relationships, leading to the awareness of those mechanisms that occur in everyday life, which can be linked to prenatal and collective experiences, and which limit and prevent the full flowering.

During the journey we intervene, through energy work, activating memories or bodily sensations connected to what has been lived, of which we often have neither memory nor consciousness. In this way the automatisms that arise in life can be recognized, understood and transformed. It is a delicate process, lived in an atmosphere of space, acceptance and relaxation, without any effort, so as to allow only what emerges in the system is ready to melt.

The work is divided into three levels that correspond to the ‘three brains’ (navel, heart and third eye) recognized in the human system, or those energy centers where the intelligences reside as well as the issues that limit them.

It is a path that can be used both to find personal well-being and balance and to learn a cycle of help sessions. The Memory Access is therefore recommended also for people who are already working in the holistic field and who want to enrich their experience and their field of action. After each module it is possible to offer memory access sessions.

These days are dedicated to the memories that were formed in the 3rd eye (the pineal gland, the amygdala, the hypothalamus). The memories here are both of the intrauterine months and those that esoterically come from akashic memories. Through the process the possibility of letting go of illusions and seeing life more clearly is activated, making room for the new. Prerequisite: Memory Access 1st brain.

Prerequisite: Memory 1 and 2 or interview

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Osho Miasto
Osho Miasto
Osho Miasto

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