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The "THIRD EYE", the third brain


The third eye is the center of our inner vision and of some tensions that we can have in looking at ourselves as we move through life.

We live in a time where vision is continually stimulated; our third eye is very often activated and, sometimes, overcharging, causes internal tensions, not least the difficulty of a restful sleep.

It is a control center both of the physical body, through the pituitary gland and the epithesis, and of our behaviors and actions, as well as those of others.

Accessing these memories can lead to a deep relaxation of judgment dynamics, an understanding of their functioning and a consequent detachment from them. It helps to get more in touch with one's self, with confidence and intuition.

These days are dedicated to the memories that have formed in the 3rd eye (the pineal gland, the amygdala, the hypothalamus). Memories in these organs are related to both intrauterine months and those that, esoterically, come from akashic memories. Through the process you can let go of illusions and you can start to see life more clearly, creating space for the new.


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