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Master O.P.H. and Metaphysical Structures
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Rita Upadhi Maggi


She has 40 years of experience with energy work. With Sw. Chidvilas she developed O.P.H., a method of activating vital energies and a call for self-he...

During the training keys will be given to read and work with the metaphysical forms and structures present in the auric field.

Each person has his own specific sensory perception which is the means by which he intercepts and recognizes reality. The goal is to help operators become more aware of their perceptive abilities and their uniqueness in conveying energy rays.

In the subtle bodies we can find how the identifications modify the auric field. Through the exploration of personal experience we can activate a process of investigating the limiting ideas and conditioning, managing to recognize them as real structures. These structures have a related material conformation. We will teach you how to recognize them and how to operate in different cases.

The O.P.H. system and the Aura-Soma will help in the teaching of metaphysical readings.

Prerequisite O.P.H. 2

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