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Training O.P.H. Wake Up Your Energy 2022 Italy
16 April - 18 April 2022 Logo OPH Energy Path

Rita Upadhi Maggi


She has 40 years of experience with energy work. With Sw. Chidvilas she developed O.P.H., a method of activating vital energies and a call for self-he...

This training is divided into three parts.

During the course you will have the opportunity to explore and deepen meditation through the use of different techniques from the traditions of the West and the East. A process of inner growth and transformation is thus activated, activated by experiencing and understanding the energetic and spiritual manifestations of the events of life.

It is a path that can be undertaken both for personal growth and as a professional specialization and can also assist already acquired techniques such as body work, counseling and energy healing.

It teaches an individual session that brings: relaxation, revitalization, centering, emotional cleansing, trust, greater presence, clarity.

Energy is the source of everything. This source is invisible: this path is a journey in the re-discovery of your energy sensitivity.

You will learn to distinguish the different layers of the aura, their shape and consistency and how the system of chakras and subtle bodies works in your life.

Topics covered in O.P.H.1:

Basic technique: energy harmonization
The chakras: what they are, how they move and their effect on the movement of energy
Perception of energy flow: reading and addressing of energy
Astral body and energetic fire: expansion and restriction
Bioplasmic body and etheric flow: consistency and influences
OPH® Il Pozzo meditation technique
Prayer meditation technique

Prerequisite: "Wake Up Your Energy"



OPH Energy Path

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Hotel Holistic LA SELVA
Hotel Holistic LA SELVA
Hotel Holistic LA SELVA
Hotel Holistic LA SELVA

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