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The Seminars
O.P.H. Energy Path | Seminars: Growth and Meditation Groups

What are seminars?

Seminars are growth groups during which issues related to a specific chakra (or energy wheel) are discussed each time in order to explore new aspects and thus enrich our lives.
The work we do is aimed at bringing greater understanding of what happens at the energetic level in our personal life in order to obtain results in daily life, observable in improving relationships with oneself and others, both affective and working. Furthermore, through the seminars, meditation techniques will be studied in depth.

The seminars are groups suitable for both experts and those who are now starting their journey. They have durations of four or five days which facilitate everyone's participation.
There are 5 seminars to be held in 2020, new ones are offered every year, thus allowing everyone to always find new opportunities for their own energy growth and satisfy curiosity and the will to explore the energy field.

Healing Shock

Healing Shock

Throughout our lives we have all received small or large shocks. When this happens we feel frozen, paralyzed, we often have the feeling of being lost, cut off, we feel a sense of shame that we cannot explain.



Osho Miasto - Italy

This course, conducted by Anunaya, is dedicated to experiencing the possibility of living in contact with a greater amount of vital energy, in which meditation techniques and O.P.H. exercises are used. to reconnect to the source of energies and their flow

Family Constellations Cuneo  Italy

Family Constellations Cuneo Italy

It is aimed at all those who are interested in recognizing and solving the dynamics that produce negative effects in the family, at work and in life in general.