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Rita Upadhi Maggi

Upadhi, for 40 years, has held, internationally, the role of spiritual researcher and facilitator of inner transformation, through the path of activation, healing and understanding of vital energies, that is the O.P.H.

Born in Brescia on December 27, 1956, at the age of 23 she attended the faculty of biology in Padova, but left her studies to devote herself to what will become her passions: spiritual research and natural medicine.

Leaving for India and becoming a disciple of Osho in 1980, for most of her life she lived in several communes, devoting herself to the work of her enlightened master.

The roots of his knowledge in esoteric sciences come from the Osho School of Mysticism (Puna, India), the Osho Academy (Sedona, USA) and the Hellingerschule (Bolzano), as well as from devotion and dedication to her Master and her own personal spiritual awakening.

The O.P.H. method "Osho Prana Healing" was created in India in the 80s, with the guidance and closeness to the Master himself, together with his colleague, Swami Chidvilas, with whom she developed and taught it until 2002.

In the following years, she spread this special technique alone, as well as in Italy, around the world (Europe, China, Taiwan, Brazil and Russia), sharing her vision and knowledge of energy and supporting the growth of hundreds of people, who have transformed their lives and become a healing channel, for themselves and for others, trough the O.P.H. method.


Her unique ability to touch people's lives with wisdom and awareness has created an atmosphere of acceptance and joy, allowing many of them to return to their source of life energy and discover their potential to live more relaxed, harmoniously and successfully in life.


She co-founded the OLOS Academy, for the training of holistic therapists and naturopaths specialized in O.P.H., where she trained many people, helping them to transform their lives and, for some of them to become operators and teachers, realizing, the dream of obtaining the recognition of meditation hours as an integral part of educational training and to see the method inserted in the area of "pranopratica" in several regions.


She has created several specialization Masters:

  • Memory Access - Access to Cellular Memories, with Maria Anurag Stefani

  • Healing of Shock States

  • Healing Sounds and Colours con Vanessa Talasi Lombardi as co-leader

  • Activation and connection with the 5th Spiritual Body, together with Liliana Sajeela Rota

She wrote the book, "The Magic of Life", published in Italian and Portuguese, where she tells her experience and her spiritual journey.

On July 1, 2022, serene and aware, she left her body and a great legacy, which her team of friends, collaborators and students, continues to teach, spread and carry around the world with devotion, love and gratitude.