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What is OPH?

Rita Upadhi Maggi

Rita Upadhi Maggi

Upadhi, for 40 years, has held, internationally, the role of spiritual researcher and facilitator of inner transformation, through the path of activat...

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OPH TRAINING teaches an individual session, which brings many benefits to people who receive it: relaxation, energy harmonization, emotional cleansing, trust and awareness of the issues that hinder serenity. The operator, expanding his personal perceptive ability, allows the understanding of these hidden issues, how to recognize them and how to intervene on the energy field (on our aura) in order to increase the state of psychophysical well-being at all levels: thoughts, beliefs, emotions, sensations, physicality.

A process of growth, confidence and inner transformation starts for both, thanks to the experimentation and understanding of the energetic and spiritual manifestations of life events, on which we need to intervene to restore balance.

Meditation is an integral part of the training: through the experimentation of specific techniques of the OPH and others coming from traditions of the West and the East, it will be possible to deepen the personal meditative space and settle the energy work.

The Path can be undertaken both as personal growth and as a professional specialization and can also assist techniques already acquired, such as work on the body, counseling and energy healing; it is also suitable for those who have already gained experience in growth groups or meditation.

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In these short videos Upadhi explains what the O.P.H. method is.

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